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What do Olympic Athletes, World Leaders and Top Performers have in common? They all have a coach. At Brandeis Coaching we are passionate about getting you to the top of your game and keeping you there.

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What is Business Coaching?

A Business Coach partners with you in a thought provoking process to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Bringing a fresh perspective without personal investment allows Business Coaches to objectively assess hindrances and assist in the decision making process.

Innovation through experience

Why Coaching Works

Incorporating Business Coaching into your business process will empower you, your leadership team and your company to create success beyond what you thought you were capable of by equipping you with tailored guidance and solutions. Capable of high level analysis and with a removed perspective, Business Coaches point you in the right direction and provides a solid platform from which to launch your business into a new era of growth.
A Plan for Growth & Success

How You Will Benefit

Optimized Process

You’re here because you know you can do better. That’s where we step in. By streamlining your day to day procedures, we aid you in the creation of a self-sustaining process, enabling you to focus on growth and creative development.

Control Your Profits

Our objective assessments are guaranteed to indicate what’s working for your business, and what isn’t. We identify profit making sectors of your business and help you streamline them, eliminating that which is compromising your growth.

Recruit Top Talent​

Recruiting industry leaders is a struggle throughout business, and hiring top talent is key to your success- your company is only as strong as your team. We will work alongside your hiring managers to ensure the creation and maintenance of a top tier team.

Set up for Success

Through a thought-provoking, introspective and creative process, Business Coaching empowers you to maximize your personal and business potential. Identify what actions need to be taken to improve performance, cultivate trust and establish improved focus throughout your business.

Business Growth is essential

Maximize Potential with Brandeis

Brandeis Coaching will work with you to remove self-limiting beliefs, guide you through the day-to-day business challenges, while helping you stay focused on your longer-term goals.

The Six Keys you need to Grow any Business Faster

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How Brandeis Coaching can help you succeed

We leverage decades of business experience and industry troubleshooting to ensure that your business has a seamless path to success. Refine your understanding of your capabilities and establish your edge over your competitors.

Executive Coaching

  • Identify optimal solutions for time management
  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Determination of personal growth zones
  • Create unique and sustainable competitive advantage

Business Growth

  • Provide an objective overview of your business
  • Identify key areas for review and oversite and development
  • Assist in creating short and long term strategies for implementation of business-best practices

Small Business

  • In-depth target market and comparative competitor analysis
  • Development of cohesive brand management strategy
  • Professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength

Your success will come from leveraging your time, team and money.

Our job is to help you get there.

The key is empowerment

The Brandeis Method

We’ll work with you to figure out the answer for your business. By helping you reach the answer instead of just pitching up and telling you what to do, we impart more than just a quick fix, but set your business up with the capability to problem solve. 

We do this in three ways:
First, we provide you with proven tools, strategies and techniques to help you get things done. We’ll show you how to best work with your team and manage your time.
Second, we give you objective feedback. We’ll assess how you’re spending your money and how you’re using your time. Our unique position allows us to help your business without the bias that comes from being invested.
Third, we instil the importance of accountability for action and performance, in you and in your team.


Our Results

They Speak for themselves

What sets us apart

Brandeis Gets Results

Brandeis Coaching is established by its decades of professional industry experience. Having aided in the creation of several million in profits and turnover, it’s backed by real results.


Jeff Brandeis has managed multiple successful businesses and been key to the establishment and coaching of several million dollar enterprises. 

Deep Passion

Our industry experience and success is born of passion and interest in industry and what creates the next best thing. We know that can be your business.

Impressive Results

Our clients see results. Brandeis coaching has had tangible industry impact, and our clients have seen consistent success with our coaching. 


Our results tell the story on our behalf. With our finger on the pulse of industry best practices and trends, we leverage our abilities to your benefit, working alongside you to create your success. 

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COVID-19 Statement

In past months, the global coronavirus pandemic has caused severe damage to the global economy. Millions have faced unemployment as businesses have struggled to make ends meet. You’ve been asking yourself how can my business survive, and thrive, when there is so much uncertainty? How can I contribute and make a difference when so many are suffering? How can I instill confidence and calm in my workforce?
That’s where we step in. Brandeis Coaching will help you thrive through tough times and will equip you and your business with the necessary tools to weather periods of economic uncertainty. Let us help you to prepare your business.

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