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About Brandeis Coaching

Jeff founded Brandeis Coaching in 2017, and the firm has since grown substantially, with an average annual growth rate of 130% per year, over three years. Jeff is continually updating and improving his content in order to expand the business and remain on the cutting edge of innovation and business coaching best practices.

Meet Jeff Brandeis

Jeff started his career with 5 years working in CPA firms. During this time he discovered the power of process and began moving in a sales direction. He subsequently managed, trained and was responsible for the development and growth of several businesses, including managing partnerships and international sales. Jeff grew and produced significant revenue increases, consistently surpassing quota and EBITA. Jeff delivered sales increases as much as 285% during this time.

Our Story

Your Success

Onwards and Upwards

In 2018 Jeff partnered with Paul Webb Training which is now a Division of Brandeis Training Solutions. We have since trained more than 40,000 people in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australasian markets

Results that talk

Brandeis coaching has helped thousands of businesses and salespeople globally. To facilitate this growth we have developed and executed online marketing automation, social media, video, and content publishing strategy.

Who have we helped

Our specialised coaching and training executives have operated across industries to the benefit of our clients. Clients in the automobile, solar, financial services, technology and industry association services have been helped by the Brandeis Method.

Trusted by Industry

Our expertise is sought after, and we have published hundreds of industry articles, white papers, and books, including the recently released on Amazon, SOLD! Your Step By Step Pocket Guide To Sales Success!

How we got here

Incorporating Business Coaching into your business process will empower you, your leadership team and your company to create success beyond what you thought you were capable of by equipping you with tailored guidance and solutions. Capable of high level analysis and with a removed perspective, Business Coaches point you in the right direction and provides a solid platform from which to launch your business into a new era of growth.
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